"This is hands down the easiest fundraiser we have ever done. We raised more than double what we did last year in just one hour."

LTC Nicole Sarafolean

Reno HS ROTC Instructor
Reno, Nevada

Chris Ward

Head Football Coach at Fernley HS
Fernley, Nevada


The Redline Fundraising One Hour Event Within a week of doing our fundraiser we had a check versus discount cards where it’s a month to two months of work. We made 4 times as much with the One Hour Event than we ever raised before, allowing us to buy new uniforms, new basketballs, and upgrade our shooting machine. Redline Fundraising has allowed us to run a first-class program.

Matt Oycs

Reno High School Men's Basketball Coach

Redline Fundraiser was the easiest and most rewarding fundraiser I have participated in. The athletes were able to earn money for their spirit pack fees through donations from their families and friends. It was a safe, reliable way of earning money for our athletes and our program. Between two soccer teams, we earned over 12k within the two-week span. We will no longer have to do any other fundraisers due to how successful the Redline Fundraiser was for our program.

Kalah Williams

Shadow Ridge High School Women's Soccer Coach

This fundraiser has changed the game for coaches and makes it so easy to meet the needs of your program. I did this fundraiser for both my soccer program and basketball program raising over $12k each. All it took was getting my players to come prepared with phone numbers and setting a date to start it. In the first hour of the fundraiser, we made nearly $9k in both programs. Every time I would check the amount raised, it seemed to jump more and more. It was amazing how quickly my program was able to see the money. I look forward to spreading the word to other coaches in the future. This is THE BEST fundraiser out there. Period!

Billy Hemberger

Athletic Director at Spring Valley High School

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