Frequently Asked Questions

Is Redline Fundraising Legit?

Our fundraising platform has been used by thousands of high school, collegiate, and professional organizations across the country. See what coaches, athletes, and organizational leaders have to say about their experience with Redline. - (Link to testimonials page)

What does the Redline Fundraising program include?

The Redline fundraising campaign includes access to our proprietary software. Throughout the process, administrators/coaches/leaders can monitor the progress of the campaign and track each individual donation. Also included with our program is the in-person One Hour Event, where a rep will travel to your organization and provide the materials and software necessary for the best possible fundraising experience.

How much will my group make?

When running a campaign with Redline, your organization keeps 80% of the funds raised, which includes all campaign-related fees.

When will I receive my funds?

Your initial check will be processed and delivered within 10 days of our One Hour Event to your organization’s mailing address. After 4-5 weeks, a second and final check will be sent to your mailing address.

How does the fundraiser actually work?

1. Students/Athletes/Program members fill out a sheet with the phone numbers of 25 potential donors (family, friends, doctors, orthodontists, etc.).
2. A custom, personalized text message with a donation link is then built for these members to copy and paste to their potential donor list.
3. Potential donors can then click the link in the text message that leads them to an external website where they can input their credit card information to make a donation to that specific cause.
4. Once the donation goes through, groups can see the transaction instantly and monitor their fundraiser’s progress.

Is my donation tax deductible?

It depends. We advise you to talk to your accountant.

What areas is Redline open in?

We currently have fundraising reps in Nevada, California, Arizona, Washington, and Wyoming, however, we are rapidly expanding and adding reps across the United States. If you or someone you know is interested in working as a rep, please visit this link and find out how you can start a fulfilling career with Redline Fundraising.

If you have any questions regarding checks or addresses, please contact us by phone at (360) 421-5793.

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